What watch to wear with a suit?

For an occasion or simply a more traditional lifestyle, the suit is essential of a men's wardrobe. Sartorial element of predilection, the costume was worn by great men but also famous criminals all having in common a elegance and presence certain. 

You know, the devil is in the details and watchmaking is no exception. Of course, it is from “portable” watchmaking that timepieces accompanied these men of elegance. So, from pocket watches to wristwatches, these play, in the same order as cufflinks, clips, ties, rings, a major role in clothing style

It is for this reason, in order to be proud of your appearance, that we will best advise you on your future elegant timepiece.

photo of President Gaul and Eisenhower

What type of watch should I choose with my suit?

Firstly, your suit must be of a similar style to your watch, just like your shoes, which are unfortunately too often forgotten. To do this, don’t rush straight into just one of the many details, which when put together, form a costume.

Opt for a watch that matches the overall aesthetic of your suit and take the time to choose the colors, complications, finishes and also the price.  

Urban artist every element of your costume must be in harmony, it is not necessary, unless you are a sartorial man, for one element to stand out exponentially from the others. So avoid extravagant cases and very particular watches unless there is no doubt about your appearance. 

There are different types of watches such as dress watches, chronographs, divers, field watches, etc. 

Each of its watches has a very specific purpose and responds to its own use. For example, a diver's watch will surely be too thick and unrefined. A dress watch will be much more suitable, having been created to meet this need for elegance.  

The more comfortable you are with your watch, the more it will suit your style. Comfort has an important place in the world of fashion. 

However, as we saw above, there are more criteria to respect, a diver will not necessarily be welcome between your wrist and your shirt cuff. 

So we have some characteristics such as: 

  • Colors 
  • Matter 
  • The dimensions 

And of course finishes to select according to your budget

selection of vintage dress watches

Colors and their harmony

The colors of your suit must be in harmony with those of your watch, more particularly the dial which is the most visible element on a relatively thin watch. 

So, match your fabric to your dial:

For a dark suit, probably don't go for a dial with bright, colorful shades such as sky blue or green. If your costume is two-tone, more original, then you can go for more daring shades. However, we do not recommend colors such as pink, red, certain types of blue. 

However, if you try to pair your tie with your watch, for example, you can still have fun! There are no instructions for fashion, only advice. 

which watch to choose with a suit

Choose the right materials

The second important element of your watch, which will sometimes be the first because the dial can remain hidden under your jacket, is the case. Indeed, the finishes and especially the material of the box considerably influence your style.

Thus you have the choice between steel, gold, silver, rhodium-plated etc… Generally speaking, gold or bronze cases will attract the eye a little more, but sometimes it can also be a nice little touch. The materials of the watch are important but still less so than the appearance and material of your bracelet. 

The choice of bracelet

Thin and elegant metal bracelets are rare. Some brands such as Piaget or Vacheron Constantin have produced them in exceptional materials and finesse but this is rare and very expensive.

The grain of rice bracelet can be an alternative that brings a lot of elegance to the steel bracelet style but be careful, it is a bracelet that does not work with all types of watches. 
An equally, if not more, elegant alternative is a leather bracelet. The bracelet can match your suit or shoes. You can vary the pleasures and the finishes once again but remain as sober as possible, remember that everything is in the details, the goal is not to show but to let people guess.

leather watch straps

What size watch to choose with my suit

The size and especially the thickness must be taken into consideration from the start of your selection. A watch that is too large will not fit your wrist, just like a watch that is too thick. Of course some watches are curved and thus allow them to adapt perfectly to the wrist, such as the Santos de Cartier, but exceptions are rare. 

Maybe go for a “small” size watch compared to today’s 40mm standard and opt for a watch that hugs your wrist and fits perfectly under your shirt. So, choose a watch between 36 or 34mm for those with large or stylized lugs, or 38 and 39mm for the more classic ones will be perfect.

vintage bulova watch


You want an elegant watch that stands out and is refined, you can have it all on your wrist as long as you are comfortable. No matter the extravagance, everything will suit, however a traditional, fairly small extra-thin watch will be a safe bet and will be unanimously appreciated. 

A nice pair of shoes and above all a nice suit will be more noticed than your watch so take it easy and treat yourself, the most important thing is to satisfy yourself.


Antoine 24H blue watch blue leather strap
André watch 24H 40mm Silver and white silver Milanese bracelet
Georges 12h Watch Black and Blue Gustave & Cie

Antoine 24 Black and Blue

André 24h Silver and White

Georges 12h Black and Blue


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  • Presidents photo: Lip
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  • Photo Costume fond gris : xupes.com

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