My watch has leaked, what should I do?

If your watch has even a little fog on the inside, this means that there was a handling error, or that it is no longer waterproof. Do not panic. The most important thing is to provide solutions as quickly as possible in order to best preserve your components and allow the possible repair of your watch quartz or automatic.

No matter how serious the situation you find yourself in and what type of movement your watch has, the process remains the same.

Watch with fog

What should I do if water has gotten into my watch? 

If you notice that fog, drops of water or liquid have seeped into your watch, then here are the few steps that can save you: 

  • Open the crown, by pulling or unscrewing it depending on the model of watch you own. This will create an opening between the inside of your watch and the outside.
  • Then place the watch glass facing a flat surface and if possible with a slight inclination towards the crown, upside down, so that the water can escape.
  • You can also place your watch in paper towel, a dry cloth or even on rice, at your convenience.

This step won't miraculously absorb water from your watch, but it can still help. This is simply a “time-out” step before moving on to the next one.

WARNING: Do not put your watch on a radiator, this can have the opposite effect and damage the watch due to a significant change in temperature. 

Watch in rice

Contact the brand or your watchmaker

With a little luck your watch evacuate the mist and this will perhaps save you from a visit to your watchmaker. However, this scenario is rare, and although invisible to the naked eye, the oils and components may have been altered. 

You therefore have two options available to you: Customer service from your watchmaking company, or go directly to a watchmaker. 

In these 2 cases, the brand or watchmaker will remove the fog or water from your watch before carrying out a complete service on your timepiece if necessary. The waterproofing will then be tested to be sure that there are no other infiltration problems.

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Making your warranty work

If your watch is under warranty, we nevertheless advise you to dry as best as possible before sending it at the customer service of your watch brand in order to avoid macerating the watch in its juice.

The after-sales service process is simple, in order to make the warranty work or not, watchmaking houses test the tightness of the watch. If it is waterproof, then it is a Mishandling customer and the warranty will not work. In this case, if it turns out not be waterproof, it is then under warranty and all repairs will be supported by the House. In both cases, you will have a watch like New and waterproof again if your model allows it!

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Have a complete service by a watchmaker

In the same vein as warranty repair, that of your watchmaker will in all cases be chargeable. The advantage is how quickly it can look at your watch and so limiter the spread of damages.

Watchmaker from behind

How to avoid sealing accidents? Here are our tips 

  • Make sure your watch crown is properly closed or screwed down before putting it in water. This is the most important step.
  • If you have a watch with several complications such as a calendar or a chronograph, then be careful not to use the push buttons underwater.
  • Avoid subjecting your watch to significant temperature variations. Indeed, sudden changes in temperature can damage the water resistance of your watch.
  • Never open the back of your case alone as you risk closing it incorrectly and therefore affecting the water resistance of your watch.

Finally, it is advisable to have the water resistance of your watch checked by a professional approximately every 3 years depending on your watch model. This will prevent possible accidents.

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If you have the slightest trace water infiltration, hurry up to remove it, slimming and have your watch repaired by a watchmaker. Every second counts. In case the visit to your watchmaker has to wait, remove as much humidity as possible using our methods.

Most of the time water seeps in due to poor handling or misinterpretation of the tightness. Don't be fooled and find out before the tragedy! 

Now that you're trained, no more reasons to worry, your reflexes will save your watch from the deep end! Be careful of close the crown tightly before the big jump!


Jules 24H watch in “Silver and Blue” colors from Gustave & Cie.
Jules 24H watch in “Gold and White” colors from Gustave & Cie.
Jules 24H “Gun and Black” color watch from Gustave & Cie.


  • Photo Tuperware Riz : DIY Watch Club

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