Louis watch
Gold and White - Green Leather


GUSTAVE et cie offers you much more than a watch: a return to basics, a new approach to life! Made in France, the Louis watch will change your view of time ...

  • Made in France
  • Mixed watch
  • Sapphire crystal
  • 12H Mono-Needle Concept
  • Interchangeable Bracelets
  • Metal case with 40mm gold finish
  • Waterproof 3ATM
  • Japanese Quartz Movement (stack)
  • 2 years warranty

Single-needle concept

Goodbye feverishness and anguish, long live the lightness and efficiency generated by the gain of serenity! The success of the previous 24H GUSTAVE et cie watch has strengthened its designers in their single-hand concept! The latter is a remedy for the obsession with fleeing time and a wonderful way to hold it back and change its philosophy of life ...
Simplicity is privileged: minutes and seconds slip away to make way for a single hand. Each line on the dial indicating 5 minutes, it becomes easy to read the time to within one minute.

LOUIS Collection

Each of the GUSTAVE et cie collections pays tribute to a Frenchman who marked his time. Our Louis watch is a dedication to the Sun King, but also a nod to Louis XVI passionate about watchmaking.
The Louis collection consists of 6 models with 3 case finishes (Silver, Gold, Rose Gold) each of which is available in two dial colors (blue background or white background). Milanese bracelets in metal or genuine leather sublimate the whole.


We want, thanks to this watch, to concentrate your vision of time and reduce it to the essentials. Do you think the weather is changing you? But isn't it you who change the weather? Is it really essential to watch the seconds and minutes scroll on your wrist every day? Is it really useful to impose this frantic pace against which it is impossible to fight?

How about you stop for a moment? What if you became aware of what is really fundamental to you? Water, earth, fire and air are the fundamentals that make up this world. This set of parameters makes up your inner world and generates your personal rhythm. But you ? Do you know your own pace?

Symbolized on the dial by triangles, the 4 elements are an integral part of our time markers and our evolution. Each in its place on the dial punctuates the hours to which the minutes are subtly integrated, all forming a radiant sun.

In the center, a raised flower of life testifies to the philosophical approach of the Louis watch. True matrix of creation, this flower is a geometric figure based on the golden ratio, which gives it an aesthetic and a perfect balance.


Innovation and personalization are the priorities of GUSTAVE et cie in the development of their products.

To sublimate watch dials and satisfy all tastes, the teams have designed many bracelets, all interchangeable thanks to the system of pins ergot. A simple push on the pusher of the bar detaches the bracelet from the case. This allows to vary the look of his watch according to his dress or his mood of the day.

French manufacturing is the leitmotif of the designers of the GUSTAVE brand and so on. Know-how, quality, proximity and responsiveness are essential assets and criteria for choosing to collaborate with the brand.

The design of the dials, the choice of materials, colors and mechanism are all made in Dijon. The boxes are fully assembled in France, in Besançon. The mechanism is Swiss or Japanese depending on the model and always selected for its quality. As for the final assembly, case / bracelet, it is carried out by the GUSTAVE et cie team at the same time as the quality control. The brand remains loyal to its French supplier for the final touch: the packaging.


Our watches are 3ATM waterproof, which means they are resistant to splashing water. Never subject your watch to immersion.


GUSTAVE et cie watches are guaranteed for 2 years.

The warranty only applies when a part is defective or a manufacturing defect is found. It cannot take effect if, during disassembly, the watch shows obvious traces of fall or impact, immersion or silting up, even in the event of misuse, manipulation of internal mechanisms, chemical corrosion or due to batteries. Bracelets are not covered by the warranty.

After-sales service

In the event of a breakdown, send your watch directly to us by registered mail, accompanied by the warranty card supplied with your watch and duly completed with the reason and return address. It is advisable to ship it without the bracelet.