What size watch to choose?

Your wrist circumference is measured very simply. Use a tape measure to measure the circumference of the wrist. Without a tape measure, use a string or a ribbon and then transfer the measurement to a ruler. Round up to the nearest half centimeter.

Watch size choice banner
Wrist circumference < 15cm We recommend our 36mm cameras
Wrist circumference between 15 and 18cm Our two case sizes are suitable for you
Wrist circumference > 18cm We recommend our 40mm cameras

On average, a male wrist measures between 15 and 19 cm and a female wrist between 14 and 18 cm. GUSTAVE et cie offers two sizes of dials: 36 mm and 40 mm, both of which adapt to all wrists.

Despite the averages per genre stated above, if your wrist measures less than 15cm, it is strongly recommended to go for a 36mm case. Conversely, if your wrist measures more than 18cm, we recommend a 40mm case.

For GUSTAVE et cie, there is no “ideal” watch size. Wrist sizes are given as an indication. If you prefer to wear a more discreet or more imposing watch, adapt your purchase according to your desire.



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