1. How did you hear about Gustave & cie?
(single choice answer)

Crowdfunding site (Kickstarter / Kisskissbankbank)
Other social networks (Twitter, Instagram ...)
Salon Made in France
In a store
Press and specialized blogs
Search engines
Word of mouth (friends, family)
Newsletter / Mailing
Other (s)

2. For what occasion (s) did you buy a Gustave & cie fashion accessory?
(3 answers maximum)

To offer
For your everyday life
For family celebrations
For a wedding
For an evening with friends
For your professional life
To support the brand during a crowdfunding campaign
No special occasion

3. How satisfied are you with the product you ordered?

Very satisfied Rather satisfied Satisfied Not very satisfied Not at all satisfied

4. What product did you order?

24H watch 12H watch Metal bow tie braces Suit pouches Several products

5. On a score of 1 to 5 (5 being excellent), how would you rate:

The originality of the product (s)? 54321
The possibility of customization? 54321
Design ? 54321
The diversity of colors and models? 54321
The packaging? 54321
French manufacturing? 54321
Value for money ? 54321

6. Are you thinking of buying again from Gustave & cie?


If not why ?

7. Would you recommend Gustave & cie to those around you?


8. Would you like to be more informed by news from Gustave & cie?


9. Do you find Gustave & cie sufficiently present on social networks?

Too much presentSufficient presentNot present enough

10. In a development perspective of Gustave & cie, which product (s) would you like to see designed?

11. What do you think we can improve to make you more satisfied?

12. You are:

A man A woman

13. Age:

Less than 25 years 25 35-years 35 50-years More 50 years