Miyota 9075 movement: an automatic caliber with GMT complication

Miyota is a Japanese company specializing in the manufacturing of watch movements. Founded in 1959, Miyota is known for its high quality movements and reliability. Miyota movements are used by many watch brands around the world: they are renowned for their precision, their durability but also for their value for money. The Japanese manufacturer offers a wide range of movements ranging from traditional mechanical movements to quartz movements, all with more or less high finishes.

Paul 24H automatic watch

Explaining the GMT functionality on a watch !

Let us introduce you to the GMT functionality before talking about the Miyota Caliber 9075 GMT.

The GMT or Greenwich Mean Time functionality allows you to read the time in two different time zones on the same watch. This can become very useful for people who travel a lot or are used to staying for a while in another country. In the majority of cases, GMT watches have an additional hand (the red hand in the photo below) which indicates a second time zone and this hand most often turns 24 hours. 

The second time indication (GMT time) is generally read on an internal or external bezel graduated to 24 hours as on the famous GMT Master II from the watchmaking company Rolex. This is the simplest system for viewing the time in two different time zones at a glance. It is even possible with a subtle adjustment of the bezel and the GMT hand to have up to 3 time zones!

ROLEX Gmt Master 2

Presentation of the Miyota 9075 GMT movement

The Miyota 9075 GMT movement produced by the Miyota manufacture is particularly popular for its GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) function, allowing the display of two time zones simultaneously.

As an automatic movement, the Miyota 9075 GMT winds autonomously using the movements of your wrist. This feature partially eliminates the need to wind it manually, providing a convenient and hassle-free usage experience.

Reliability, precision and finishes are major aspects of this movement. Miyota is renowned for producing robust and precise movements, ensuring consistent and reliable performance over time.

The characteristics of the Miyota 9075 GMT movement

• Diameter: 26mm
• Thickness: 4.92mm
• Frequency: 28 vibrations per hour (800 Hz)
• Accuracy: -10~+30 sec/day
• Power reserve: approximately 42 hours
• Number of jewels: 24 jewels
• Functions: Hour, Minutes, Seconds, Date, GMT
• Anti-shock system: Incabloc

Some watches that work with the Miyota 9075 GMT movement

The Miyota 9075 GMT movement is used by many watch brands, for example:

The Nautic Ski GMT LIP. This is one of the most iconic models of the LIP brand which features a Miyota 9075 GMT movement which is a diving watch initially unveiled in 1967 for the 100th anniversary of the brand.

The Bulova Classic Wilton GMT. This American brand is well known for its Aventura watch and its tuning forks. Here we find a refined GMT, in a style opposed to the LIP Nautic that we have just discussed.

The Miyota 9075 GMT movement in our Paul collection!

At Gustave & Cie we have also chosen to use this Japanese caliber in our latest automatic watch collection, the Paul 24h collection.

For our new watch we wanted to offer a 24-hour display where the one and only hand goes around the dial in one day. We therefore only use the GMT hand of the Miyota 9075 movement in order to obtain this very particular display, a pillar of our DNA and our watchmaking company. 

This Japanese movement also allows us to offer a reliable and affordable watch entirely assembled in our workshops in Besançon.
In conclusion, we chose the caliber 9075 GMT on the one hand for its GMT function, on the other hand for its quality and its price but also because it is a robust movement which requires very little maintenance.

So now, go to our store in Paris or on our website to find your ideal watch.


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  • Photo Rolex : Rolex.Com
  • Miyota movement photo: https://miyotamovement.com/product/9075/

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