, Long live phlegm with our French watch!, GUSTAVE & cie

In what way would the French GUSTAVE & Co. watch help us live long and healthy? New studies reveal it to us.

Staying from morning to evening relaxed and serene, to remain impassive in front of the time that leaves, to be detached from its overworked schedule, these are the virtues which would make it possible to extend the duration of the life and to avoid all the diseases related to the stress.

Better! The relaxed, relaxed, those who do not run with the constant anxiety of being late, are more optimistic, therefore more creative, and bonuses, they perceive the time longer than it really is.

In short, not to be "parts", paradoxically, would be a guarantee of success!

So let's look gently and calmly down the time ... Let's avoid tensions by ceasing to have our eyes fixed on the minute hand!

And for more performances, let's all adopt for a long time the French mono-needle watch GUSTAVE & cie.

It is an original watch: whether it counts time on 12 hours or 24 hours, it is a guarantee of good health and longevity.

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