Urban, Unique and Timeless
the gustave & cie brand, La Marque, GUSTAVE & cie


to distinguish you ...

GUSTAVE & cie crée des accessoires urbains, uniques et intemporels, pour les femmes et les hommes qui souhaitent se distinguer !

Each of our accessories, designed and made in France, is an invitation to travel, reflection and distinction. GUSTAVE & Co. is for epicureans, lovers of life, for whom every day wants to be rich in discoveries!


a tribute…

Passionnés par le travail du métal et nés à Dijon, tout comme Gustave Eiffel, c’est un hommage logique qu’ont souhaité rendre les créateurs de la marque à ce génie français.

What's more beautiful than the symbol of France around the world to represent the brand GUSTAVE & cie?

the gustave & cie brand, La Marque, GUSTAVE & cie
the gustave & cie brand, La Marque, GUSTAVE & cie


guillaumETimothée ...

Passionate about contemporary design, Guillaume Rémond and Timothée Barbier have built their solid friendship on the benches of the University of Burgundy. Their passion for creating unique products that distinguish themselves from the existing is expressed through the creation of GUSTAVE & Co. accessories.