Today, we live in a frenzy and the permanent movement. We run, we trot in all directions in legitimate stress, since our watches offer us too short twelve-hour days ... It was time that at the dawn of the third millennium, GUSTAVE and co-invented the watch, upsetting the codes and revisiting the 24-hour dial used by the military and astronauts.

  • Made in France
  • Mono-Needle Dial 24 hours
  • Interchangeable Bracelets
  • Compass function thanks to the sun
  • Metal case matte black finish 40mm diameter
  • Waterproof 3ATM (splashing water)
  • Mixed watch
  • Ronda 515 - 24 single-needle movement
  • 2 years warranty

Freed from a skimpy format, the GUSTAVE et cie watch lengthens the days and makes its happy owner evolve in a new open-plan space. Say goodbye to feverishness and anxiety, long live the lightness and efficiency generated by the gain in serenity!

Simplicity is privileged: minutes and seconds disappear, the daily time is visualized at a glance. This concept is a cure for the anguish of fleeting time and a wonderful way to retain it and change its philosophy of life ...

French manufacturing is the leitmotif of the designers of the GUSTAVE brand and so on. Know-how, quality, proximity and responsiveness are essential assets and criteria for choosing to collaborate with the brand. The design of the dials, the choice of materials, colors and mechanism are carried out in Dijon. The boxes are fully assembled in France, in Besançon. A Swiss company provides the mechanism. As for the final assembly, case / bracelet, it is provided by GUSTAVE and cie at the same time as the quality control. The brand remains loyal to its French supplier for the final touch: the packaging.


The GUSTAVE et cie dials discreetly display the cardinal points, North, South, East, West… because this watch can also be used as a compass! The principle is simple, just point the needle towards the sun, and the North is indicated by the “N” on the dial.

PS. Be careful, in the southern hemisphere, you have to reverse the cardinal points ...


Innovation and personalization are the priorities of GUSTAVE et cie in the development of their products.

To sublimate the available 3 watch dials and satisfy all tastes, the teams have designed 4 bracelets:

  • Black Dakota leather bracelet
  • Brown dakota leather strap
  • Leather bracelet and navy blue fabric
  • Black Milanese metal bracelet

All the bracelets are interchangeable thanks to the system of lugs with lug. A simple push on the pusher of the bar detaches the bracelet from the case. This allows to vary the look of his watch according to his dress or his mood of the day.


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