How to choose the right single-hand watch?

Antoine 24h single-hand watch

Choosing the right watch is more complicated than it sounds. Between the case, the dial, the movement and the bracelet, there are things to take into account casually! Well hang on because today we are adding a layer of it, we are talking to you about choosing your single-hand watch. And if there's anyone to tell you about it, it's us, GUSTAVE & cie, because we only offer single-needle collections and we support our customers in the choice of their watch since 2017. 

Now that the presentations are made, let's see the few criteria to take into account for choose your single-hand watch.

The movement of the watch, a matter of price

First of all, have an idea of ​​budget in mind because single-hand watches, there are at all prices depending on the brands and characteristics of the watch. 

The budget being more or less fixed, let's talk about the movement of the watch because that is what will influence the price of your timepiece. 

Russian Vostok 24h Movement

The quartz movements, that work with a battery, most often correspond to watches affordable in terms of price because their component is less sophisticated than an automatic watch. The watch automatic is therefore more expensive to produce the movement is made up of many more parts and its assembly is more precise and costly. This type of watch is generally more coveted by watch enthusiasts because we come back to the very essence of this complex art which has spanned the ages. Also, unlike a quartz watch (which runs on a battery, we remind you), the automatic movement is powered by the wearer's wrist, which means more authentic! 

The time scale on a single-hand watch

When buying a single-hand watch, you must take into account the criterion of readability and accuracy which will necessarily be linked to the time scale of the dial.

A single-hand watch indicates thehour and minutes simultaneously. On the 24h or 12h dial, the time is divided into graduations which vary according to the watch models. The accuracy of your watch therefore depends on theindex scale but be aware that with a single-needle format, you will not be never 100% accurate! And yes, wearing a single-hand watch means adopting a new vision of time and ne no longer be up to the minute.

If you are more concerned with the precision and readability of your watch, we advise you to opt for a watch with a 12 o'clock dial: it will most often include indexes every 5 minutes. Conversely, a 24-hour dial will be more visually charged because inevitably the 24 hours a day will be represented there but that is what makes it so charming. Also, the indexes will surely be less precise because there are fewer of them in order to avoid overloading the dial further.

24 hour automatic watch

If you're not afraid of the one-needle format and want to adopt a different philosophy of time, the 24h dial is your friend. If you are hesitant about the single-hand, it is better to go for a 12 o'clock dial so as not to completely disrupt your habits. In both cases, it's all a matter ofhabit and adaptation… Each person at his own pace !

Find the ideal size for your single-hand watch

This may seem obvious to you, but you also have to consider the size of the watch. There are generally several case sizes offered when buying a watch: a size intended for thin wrists and a size intended for wider wrists. Obviously there are no rules, if you prefer to wear a more discreet or more imposing watch, adapt your purchase according to your desire. In any case, it is always advisable to consult the size guide of the brand.

Choosing your single-hand watch: design and complications

The design is a primordial point when choosing a single-hand watch. Depending on your style you can opt for different colors (silver, gold, black…), Finishes (brushed, polished…), and case shapes (round, square, oval…). Adapt your choice according to your desires and the dial colors offered. For example, dark colors and classic shapes are better suited if you want to wear a discreet watch. 

Black Moon Phase 12h Watch

The bracelet also plays a lot on the style of your watch and the choice is often difficult. Indeed a multitude of leathers, fabrics, knits and materials of all kinds are available to you, so what should you take? We recommend setting your sights on bracelet colors that go well with the colors you wear in general. Otherwise, base your choice on theuse you will have of your watch : are you going to wear it daily or only on special occasions. So many criteria to take into account, but your watchmaker will be able to advise you.

Changing the bracelet can significantly change the look of your single-hand watch, which is why many brands have a system of interchangeable bracelet !

As on a classic watch, the single-hand watches can also include complications: date, GMT function, moon phase, etc. It is often the little extra touch that makes the difference and can really influence the design of the watch. If you choose a watch that indicates the phase of the moon, for example, there is a good chance that the design of this one is focused on a more astronomical universe. 

Now you should see more clearly! Ultimately " take time " also applies to choose your single-hand watch only when you wear it. All points clarified, we see that a watch is a whole and that each element has its importance. And remember, if you're having trouble choosing your watch, the first impression is often the right one!



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