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Gray metal bow tie

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GUSTAVE et cie invents the metal bow tie: an original and unique concept because this unexpected material is very rarely used in the fashion world. However, it is wrinkle-resistant, timeless and durable! Finely cut from a sheet of steel, it has the advantage of being light and resistant.

The Armand model is composed of a gray Dandy metal buckle and a Chenonceau liberty cotton ribbon. Ideal if you are looking for a liberty gray floral bow tie for a ceremony or wedding!


Each GUSTAVE et cie bow tie is made up of a metal body and a fabric ribbon knotted together with three eyelets. This process makes it possible to vary fabrics infinitely.
It attaches in front like a classic bow tie.

For those who like to display their temperament and print their character, this bow tie original and high-end will naturally become an indispensable accessory. Adepts will love it, skeptics will adopt it.

Innovation and personalization are the priorities of GUSTAVE et cie in the development of their products.

GUSTAVE et cie has invented a unique device which allows you to associate with your bow tie the fabric ribbon and the metal buckle of your choice. This innovation, the process of which has been protected, allows you to vary the combinations endlessly.
If you already have a GUSTAVE et cie bow tie, complete your set with an additional fabric ribbon!

French manufacturing is the leitmotif of the designers of the GUSTAVE brand and so on. Know-how, quality, proximity and responsiveness are essential assets and criteria for choosing to collaborate with the brand.

The imagination of the designers, the ancestral know-how of the Burgundy craftsmen, the skill of the experienced seamstresses, the advanced technique of the painters contribute to the high quality of this unique and innovative metal bow tie.
Four French companies intervene in the successive manipulations: the cutting of the metal, the folding, the painting and finally the sewing of the manufactured fabrics. They are mainly located in Burgundy to remain faithful to the philosophy of the company which is to promote the local activity and develop an economy respectful of the ecological standards.


To wash your bow tie, it will be best to separate the fabric ribbon and the metal buckle. The tape can be machine washed at 30 ° and the metal buckle can be rinsed with soapy water, without abrasives.