Antoine 24H watch
Green - Brown Nubuck leather


GUSTAVE & Co. reinvents the watch, upsetting the codes and revisiting the dial on 24 Hours used by the military and astronauts.

  • Made in France
  • Mixed watch
  • Mono-Needle Dial 24 hours
  • Interchangeable Bracelets
  • Compass function thanks to the sun
  • Metal case matte black finish 40mm diameter
  • Waterproof 3ATM
  • Swiss Movement Ronda Quartz (stack)
  • 2 years warranty


An 24H watch?

Today, we live in frenzy and permanent movement. We run, we trot in all directions in a legitimate stress, since our watches offer us too short days of twelve hours ... It was time that at the dawn of the third millennium, GUSTAVE & Co. reinvents the watch, disrupting the codes and revisiting the dial on 24 Hours used by military and astronauts.

Released from a narrow format, the GUSTAVE & Co. watch extends the days and evolves its happy owner in a new open space. Goodbye feverishness and anguish, long live the lightness and efficiency generated by the gain of serenity!


The dials GUSTAVE & Co. discreetly display the cardinal points, North, South, East, West ... because this watch can also be used as a compass! The principle is simple, just point the needle towards the sun, and the North is indicated by the "N" on the dial.

PS. Be careful, in the southern hemisphere, you have to reverse the cardinal points ...

A new reading of Time ...

Simplicity is privileged: the hands of minutes and seconds disappear, the daily time is visualized at a glance. Each point, each line on the dial is worth 15 minutes. This concept is a cure for the anguish of fleeting time and a wonderful way to retain it and change its philosophy of life ...

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Brown Nubuck leather


Antoine - 24H

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Quartz 24H


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