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GUSTAVE et cie is reinventing suspenders with a stainless steel comfort tab that takes the form of a "Y"!

These straps are burgundy red elastic and heather gray, with a gray metal comfort paw.

French 100 braces, hand-sewn in Burgundy!


GUSTAVE et cie reinvents the strap and offers a range of elastic or textiles with elegant patterns and metal, the brand's signature!

Made in the same fabrics as the collections of bow ties and pockets, the fabric straps will go perfectly with the other GUSTAVE et cie accessories. Of course, we don't neglect the comfort aspect: the back is elastic to give the suspenders all the flexibility they need.

  • Length : 123 cm
  • width 25mm
  • Composition : cotton for fabric, elastane and metal models

French manufacturing is the leitmotif of the designers of the GUSTAVE brand and so on. Know-how, quality, proximity and responsiveness are essential assets and criteria for choosing to collaborate with the brand.

The imagination of the designers, the ancestral know-how of the Burgundy craftsmen, the skill of the experienced seamstresses, the advanced technique of the painters contribute to the high quality of these braces.
Three French companies intervene in the successive manipulations: the cutting of the metal, the painting and finally the sewing of the manufactured fabrics. They are mainly located in Burgundy to remain faithful to the philosophy of the company which is to promote the local activity and develop an economy respectful of the ecological standards.


To wash your straps, use a hand wash to avoid damaging the "Y" metal in the drum of the washing machine. Then prefer a light ironing.